Madaba town centre.

by ermgibson

Wandering down into the town of Madaba it was interesting to note the tangible influence of Madaba’s (which we keep calling Madopar, a Parkinson’s medication by accident) Christian minority.

Madaba is obviously a town steeped in history which is evidenced by the many archeological sites interest. In the church of St. George was a particularly interesting mosaic map of the holy land likely dating from the latter half of the 5th century.

A visit to Madaba’s archeological museum led us to some of the ancient mosaics in the Middle East some dating back as far as 200 BC. Many of these were found disregarded under local houses and only found during renovation work.

The people of Madaba are very friendly, open and welcoming which being British I initially found unsettling as I assumed they were being sarcastic however it appears that they are just genuinely nice warm people.

On the walk back to the hotel we stopped to buy Lamb Shwarmas, I cannot begin to describe how delicious they were, needless to say they were nothing like the superficially similar kebabs one can purchase following a night on the lash in the UK.