Bethany, Nebo, Dead Sea and Karak.

by cottontailsandcupcakes

Today we headed north west of Madaba for an 8 hour trip. Hotel last night was lovely and breakfast was yummy!

First we visited mount Nebo, this is where Moses ended his exodus to Jericho and was told this would be his final resting place. It gave amazing views over the valley, we could see Jericho, Jerusalem and the dead sea.

We then continued on to Bethany. Here is where John the Baptist bapsized Jesus in the river Jordan. Also where the prophet Elijah rode his chariot to heaven. Much of the river has shrunk however mosaics depicted how the area would have looked.

We then continued south to the dead sea. The lowest point on earth. We swam for a short while in what can only be described as warm salty soup. It’s 30% salinity meant for lots of buoyancy! You can’t sit down only float. We sat by the pool where a Jordanian lady fed us pastries and water out of her own generosity! Quick dip then off again.

This time we chose to stop at karak, originally a temple but then built into a castle and fort later. It’s full of underground rooms and corridors, its like a maze! It was mansaaf for lunch today then on we travel to Petra.

Our driver for today is lovely and very comical. He’s bought us water and coffee for the whole trip. Also taught us some Arabic on the journey, turns out beautiful and camel are rather similar! And if you don’t like someone call them a donkey.

Just checked in to our hotel in Wadi Musa. Ready to tackle Petra tomorrow!