Not just any desert..

by cottontailsandcupcakes

You may think a desert is a desert but believe me it isn’t. Since we’ve been in Jordan we have seen our fair share of ‘desert’ areas but the landscape of wadi rum is completely different. The rocks are more red than anywhere else in Jordan, producing a mixture of white and red sand. There are trees growing out of the rocks. There are cave drawings inside the canyons.

On our 4×4 trip around the desert we’ve been up sand dunes, seen fresh water springs, been inside canyons and stood on bridge shaped rock formations. The watched the sunset from the top of a sand dune.

Our camp is traditional Bedouin style. There are many Bedouin people still living in the wadi rum protected area many of whom now use tourism as their sole source of income however they would have traditionally farmed goats. Must pay fairly well as Galaxy S4 mobile phones are all the rage. Our guide appears young but experienced and is able to hold a conversation very well in English. Tonight we ate at camp, it was the best meal so far in Jordan. Zarb, rice, mixed bean stew and lots of side bits. Then we sat drinking tea from the fire pit and istening to our guide tell stories of Bedouin life.

Going through the Rum village a child had taken a camel to the shop to get flatbread for what must have been a very large family. Polygamy is still legal in Jordan meaning for familys of about 16 kids! Some people would argue having one wife and mother in law in your life is more than enough.