The Pool Scene in Jordan

by cottontailsandcupcakes

The swimming pool scene in Jordan is really bizarre.

So you have the local families and other Middle Easteners on holiday. Ladies are wearing the height of pool fashion, either in a burkini or a full body suit with a built in hijab. Most ladies however sit on the side and the men and children swim.

Then there are the continental Europeans, bikinis wedged so far up bottoms that nothing is left to the imagination, typically worn with heeled wedges. Alternatively for the males, very small Speedo trunks, again not a lot left to the imagination. Also, Carrot oil in one hand, a cigarette in the other.

Then there’s the uber cool kids in full on diving gear, wetsuits and the whole shebang. Accompanied by a Canon fancy camera.

Then there’s the Brits, you can spot them a mile off, the sun just bouncing off what must be the palest people in Jordan. Going through a bottle of sun lotion by the hour.

The best of the 80s and 90s on shuffle at the bar really adds to the picture also.

Very strange.