Jordan 2013 – The End

by cottontailsandcupcakes

Today is our last full day in Aqaba, Jordan. Tomorrow we spend commuting back to the airport to get the big tin birdy home.

We have travelled pretty much the whole of the country. Amman and the north, dead sea province, Karak, Petra, Wadi rum desert, then down to the red sea coast. We have had 10 days here but you could spend a lot longer if you wanted. There is so much to do here and actually very well set up for tourism however it has relatively few visitors each year. We have met lots of other tourists, however no other Brits, mainly yanks and the French.

The country has so many different landscapes, if you weren’t interested in the countrys history you would still appreciate the amazing scenery. Despite being in such proximity to Syria, Iraq and Egypt there is no trouble here. It is a very safe country to travel around independently without an organised group. Also we have seen many travellers with children.

The Jordanian people are happy to help in any way they can and very eager to please. Although as everywhere in the world there are tourist traps. It is quite hard to judge costs before you arrive, some things are ridiculously cheap but others seem like a rip off. There’s little middle ground. In many ways costs work out similar to the UK, cheaper than Auz, and more expensive than China. Our budget has been 50GBP per person per day, including accommodation, transport, attractions and food and drink.

Trip Advisors Reviews :)

Due to troubles in Greece, Egypt and Turkey of late it may start to boom tourism here, you never know ;)

Now then, where next?!