My Big Fat Greek…Dinner!

by cottontailsandcupcakes

I’ve never been to Greece but lately I’ve been longing to go to Mykonos. The only way to console myself was to attempt making some Greek style food.


Skordalia – Garlic Mash

Boil up some potatoes in a pan. Fry some garlic in some olive oil over a very low heat. When the potatoes are soft drain, add the garlic and a few tbsp of lemon juice. Mash until really really smooth.

Keftethes – Meatballs

Mix together beef/lamb mince with grated garlic, s+p, fresh parsley and oregano. You need to almost have a meat puree. Roll into small balls and put on a plate and into the fridge to sit for an hour before cooking. Fry in a dry pan until cooked through.

You’ll notice I didn’t use any egg or bread, so they are egg free and gluten free. Providing you mixed it well enough, they won’t fall apart when cooking!

Lathera Style Green Beans

I won’t tell you the recipe for these as they were awful!