Lentil and Gammon Soup

by cottontailsandcupcakes

Sorry it’s a bit quiet on the ‘Cottontails and Cupcakes’ front. It’s been all go go go the last week or so and I keep forgetting to take photos of our food before it gets demolished. I remembered today (gold star for me!).

We had a gammon joint that seemed to be still be growing in the fridge, first we had a roast dinner, then we had pasta carbonara, then Rafe had a huge gammon baguette and now there’s loads of Lentil and Gammon Soup. It’s finally gone though (i’m feeling a bit gammon’ed out now)! It wasn’t even that big to start with…it was most definitely growing!

In a pan I softened some onion, then added grated garlic and cooked for a further few minutes. Then added two chopped carrots and the shredded up gammon. Then add 200g or so of  rinsed split red lentils (the ‘no need to pre-soak ones’) and cover with vegetable stock. Add some S+P, a sprinkle of thyme and parsley. When the carrot is cooked through and the lentils are ready roughly blend with a stick blender. 

(Keep a close eye whilst cooking as the lentils have a tendency to cake to the bottom of the pan!)