The Rental Life – Dreaming of Interiors

by cottontailsandcupcakes

As much as one can try to project their own style into a rental property, it is really difficult. You can add colour and texture yes, but there comes a time when you wish you could just renovate an entire wall into a ceiling height book shelf, add shutters to the windows and rip the ugly tiles off the bathroom wall.

I’ve lived in rental properties all of my life, never having lived in an ‘owned’ home and still now I don’t ‘own’ my home. I’ve never experienced that new bathroom/kitchen feeling, the only highlight I have is in some houses I’m lucky enough to be able to paint the walls and put a picture up. Maybe one day when the banks decrease the deposits required I’ll be able to buy but until then i’m mortgage-less and bound to the powers that be i.e Landlords. Until that day comes I’ll just sit happy making photo boards of my dream home :) I can’t describe the style I like in a word but it’s sort of ‘Bohoeyvintageyscandinavianey’.


*All images c/o Pinterest