Bye Bye Lanta.

by cottontailsandcupcakes

We have set sail on the Andaman Sea again and saying goodbye to Thailand (for now). I’m sure Koh Lantas beaches will entice me back one day. I wonder if Rafes shoe and sunglasses washed up on shore ever?


We have boarded a Tigerline Ferry to Langkawi, Malaysia. A six hour or so journey, the air con is set to Arctic, a toilet if you’re really desperate and plenty of seats to sprawl across. At 2700 baht a ticket mind it’s coming in at one of the dearest expenses this trip.

My face is slowly returning to normal, still a bit puffy on the eyelids and bridge. I hope it goes soon, nothing like being in a restaurant at night with sunglasses on. I’m sure people must think I’m mad. Lesson for next time, the sun doesn’t like me (even with high factor SPF!).

We have accommodation booked in Langkawi but who knows if we’ll have a working wifi connection and when I’ll be able to actually upload this post.

Bye for now ♡