Welcome To Malaysia..

by cottontailsandcupcakes

Our Lanta to Langkawi Ferry journey turned out to be very pleasant. Five hours into the journey we stopped off shore of Koh Lipe and were summoned to the front of the boat. Six off us and our luggage were shuffled onto a longtail boat where a young Thai man took our passports. We sailed over to immigration where our departures were taken care of and then we were escorted over to a floating pontoon affair. Moments later a speed boat arrived. Twenty two passengers were hurried on to the boat, including us. What a treat. An hour later following an off shore refuel, a dolphin and a plastic bag stuck in the engine we arrived to Langkawi.


The pier wasn’t what I expected. It was a wooden stilt type at the back of a couple of portacabins. We were met by a couple of blokes who started filling us and our luggage into vans and cars. It’s funny, the things you just ‘go with’ when abroad. Health and safety goes out the window. Our driver was crackers. He spoke good English but with a cockney twang. I asked if he had grew up here, expecting him to have said he spent some of his life in London, but no, he was from Kuala Lumpur!

“Welcome to Malaysia” he said as he came bombing out of a junction and hadn’t caught sight of an  oncoming car. Safety first again. He took us to immigration then dropped us at our hotel. It was a very surreal hour indeed.

Our hotel had mixed reviews but I can’t see the issue. Maybe the receptionist could cheer up a bit, she appears rather grumpy. Room is nice, shower is powerful and my bed hasn’t got sand in it. Yet.

We asked grumpy gills if there were any restaurants near, she said next door. I asked if that was it and she said yes. We weren’t feeling Thai so carried in walking. She can’t get out much. There were about 10 restaurants around the corner! We found one that was full of Malaysians and westerners, must be good we thought. Plastic chairs and melamine plates, must be good. We ordered our meals, whilst digesting ourselves inside out. We waited, then waited some more. It was worth the wait. It was amazing. Sweet and sour chicken, garlic pork, and noodles. Amongst the garlic chicken, I saw sonething green sticking out. “Ooo. A green bean” I thought. Nope, not a green bean. A green chilli. I ate whole green chilli in one bite. It blew ny head off. Chillies posing as green beans, how naughty. The damage of our meal including drinks and tip, £6 total. I plan on going back for seconds tomorrow.

We have been in Malaysia for 3 hours and I’ve already fallen in love.