Singapore – Concrete and Culture.

by cottontailsandcupcakes


Singapore is an interesting place. It has that Asian city vibe whilst still maintaining more local cultures and customs. It is a mixture of a Disneyland type metropolis but with lots of small more intimate cultural experiences to be had too. You can go from Gucci shopping to hawker stalls in ten foot steps. Even though it is one of the worlds most expensive cities to live in, you still follow the single most important rule, do as the locals do, do as the locals do and you can get a slap up lamb byriani for £2.

We would like to return to Singapore one day, maybe with the weather on our side this time, but who can judge the tropics ey? I also need to return to Little India to figure out why it’s entire population of Singapore-Indian gentlemen flock to the streets on an evening.

One thing I have learnt though, never buy an umbrella from Chinatown. Unless you like a leaky one, then go for it.