Oot and Aboot in Toronto

by cottontailsandcupcakes

We spent the day yesterday in Toronto,  Canada. After a whopping 36 hours of being awake we ploughed on and went sight seeing.

We mooched down to the CN tower and steam whistle brewery. The CN tower had an hour long queue so we went on down to the steam whistle brewery first. We were hoping for a tour but they were sold out, so we had a free beer before going in search if food.

We headed to the Kensington market area, with a stroll through China town first and a quick stop off at a popcorn shop. Kensington market is a bit Camdenesque, a bit hippyish.

We found ‘The Burgenator’, Rafe had a three patty burger sandwich in between two cheese toasties, no lie, and he finished it. I had a ‘normal’ burger with a side of poutine (chips, cheese and gravy).

Full as beans we headed back to the CN tower. No queue this time, get in. I’m not going to lie, I crapped my pants in the lift going out. Turns out there was a Blue Jays match on at the same time, you could see right into the stadium from above.

We then went to the harbourfront. We had been upset that there was no where in Toronto to have a ‘beaverstail’ then we stumbled accross a mobile stand. Amazing. Reeces pieces, chocolate spread and peanut butter on deep fried dough. Diabetes in a bite. Rafe and I would be massive if we lived in Canada! It was only by chance that we got a little lost at the harbourfront that we found it too.

We took the ferry over to the Toronto Islands and had a drink (and got mauled by midges). Two trains and a bus back to the hotel and we finally got some sleep.

..and yes, we did have a Tim Hortons at the airport. I ate one timbit. We bought a box of ten. I wonder who demolished the other nine? Ay (in a Canadian accent)?