Survivors of the Guatemalan Chicken Bus

by cottontailsandcupcakes

We took the 8 hour overnight Linea Dorada bus to Guatemala City arriving at 4am this morning. It was baltic on the bus, everyone else had coats, hats and blankets, I had shorts and t-shirt.

We then pondered our options. Do we wait for the coach at 7am to Los Encuentros and have to catch two chicken buses anyway, or do we just head to the terminal now in Zona 8 and get the chicken bus to Los Encuentros.  We risked it. We got a cab to Rebuli in Zona 8 then hopped on a bus heading for Xela. In 5 minutes we were on our way. The bus was full of local people rather than tourists as you can imagine. We paid our £2.10 each for our 1 hour and 30 journey. We got off at Los Encuentros and then changed buses again for a bus bound for Panajachel. This bus didn’t take long at all. The time we got to Pana we would have only just got on the coach in GTC.

We eventually found the ‘Lancha’ pier and got a boat to Santa Cruz. Our hotel is more of a holiday rental place. It’s a proper full on house with a kitchen etc. It’s cost us something daft like £15 a night. The view we have is amazing too.



We got a little snooze before heading out to Santa Cruz Village. It is a typical Highland village along the lake. It was a 30 minute walk from our hotel. We decided to go to Casa Alicia for dinner. It is a Guatemalan lady and three generations of family but she will cook a meal for you and you eat in her home. There must have been about 8 children there, some playing, some doing homework. It was nice to see. Language was a bit of a barrier, we don’t know much Spanish, our new Guatemalan Grandmother spoke local dialect not spanish. Her grandson was sort of able to string a few words together of English. We ordered chicken, it came with pasta, broccoli, salsa and tortillas. As we were paying up my Guatemalan Grandmother handed me a pair of traditional style trousers. It took us ages to decipher but they were a gift from her to me.

We stopped in the shop and managed to buy some breakfast items for the morning. There are loads of kids in Santa Cruz and one little girl aas bemused by Rafe and his ginger beard.


We walked back to our room and found we were locked out of our bedroom. I had to do a lara croft style climb over the roof, into the balcony and through a window. I would have had a hard time explaining that one if someone had turned up.

I’m currently sat on the porch with a random cat on my lap having a cuddle.