You know you’re going to one of the world’s most dangerous cities when..

by cottontailsandcupcakes

After Grandma Elenas breakfast of french toast, fruit and cake we headed to the Casasola bus station in Copan. Advertising themselves as a 2nd class coach is a bit much, it is another condemned school bus and we had 4 hours on it. Yay for us. We were just about ready to head off when the bus conductor pulls his gun out and stashes it in the cubby at the front. Let’s hope he wouldn’t be needing it eh? But seen as San Pedro Sula is about the 3rd most dangerous city in the world you can’t be sure. It was meant to be the direct express bus but it stopped ay every single village between Copan and San Pedro. God knows what the non express does then.

Eventually we got to San Pedro Station. Intact and with our luggage. Winning again. We then did the scary part of the cross city taxi. The drivers are scary enough never mind the amount of firearms shops. Considering San Pedro Airport is an international one, it was dire. There was one cafe airside, to the point where we went through security once then went back to landside to eat and back through security again.

We boarded our 3pm flight to Roatan. It wad the smallest plane I’d ever been on. It was a 19 seat propeller plane.


An hour later we were at our cabana in half moon bay.



Night night world.