Honey Mustard Pork Loin

by ermgibson

Mix together two tablespoons of honey, two tablespoons of whole grain mustard and two tablespoons of olive oil. Add two crush garlic cloves and a sprinkle of fresh sage.

Preheat oven to 190 degrees c.

Place the pork loin on a tray/oven proof dish. Baste with the honey mixture. Cook for around 50 minutes or until the pork is cooked through.

We served with a side of Savoy cabbage. (As you can see, there was meant to be roast potatoes too. They died.)




Venison and Red Wine Stew

by ermgibson

Winter is coming, or rather it’s been here for a while. This can only mean one thing, hearty winter stews. My lovely girlfriend was kind enough to lend me the kitchen so I made a manly venison stew.

Chop up some shallots and brown in a little oil. After five minutes add grated carrot, chopped mushrooms and crushed garlic. In a bowl, cover diced venison shoulder in flour and s+p then brown in a pan.

In a large casserole pot, heat red wine, 500ml beef stock, a bay leaf and a pinch of thyme. When simmering add red currant jelly and a level tsp of whole grain mustard, stir well. Then transfer over the vegetable mix and browned venison. Cover and cook in the oven on 180 degrees C for 90 minutes.



Leek and Potato Soup

by ermgibson

Another winter soup, yippee. Leek and potato. When in Wales and all that..

Soften an onion, garlic and leeks in a pan. I also added some pancetta at this point but you can leave it out. Peel and chop a couple of spuds and add them to the pot. Season well with S+P. Cover with vegetable stock and simmer until the potatoes start to fall apart. You can either leave it as a stew or blend until smooth.


Old Church Cottage – Baby Pumpkin

by ermgibson

I don’t think they’ll be ready in time for Halloween but the pumpkin has finally sprouted!


Doune Castle, Bracklin Falls and Blackberry Picking

by ermgibson









Stuffed Peppers and Sweet Potato Wedges

by ermgibson



Allie’s Kheema Curry

by ermgibson

After a long bank holiday weekend in work most would have a takeaway curry, but in view of ‘healthy eating’ and all that we made a kheema curry tonight for dinner.

Another one pot wonder, garlic, ginger, chilli, onion, mushrooms, grated carrot, lean lamb mince, garam masala, turmeric, cumin, S+P, chopped tomatoes, spinach and fresh coriander.

Lovely jub.


Chunky Minestrone

by ermgibson

Tonight’s one pot wonder, chunky minestrone stew. Pancetta, garlic, onion, chilli, courgette, carrot, mushrooms, peppers, butter beans, yellow beans, dried pasta, S+P and mixed green herbs, all softened then simmered in passata and vegetable stock.


Old Church Cottage – Part 1.

by ermgibson

Our attempts at being green fingered are paying off! We haven’t got a lawn so everything we’re growing is in pots and planters but it’s working. So far we have parsley, sage, coriander, mint, chilli varieties, spring onions and a lonely sunflower. The tomato seedlings and pumpkin seedlings are doing well inside on the windowsill. Today I caved into buying slug killer, I’ve tried without for a while but the snails ate a whole lettuce plant whilst we were away!

If anyone’s got any suggestions of what’s easy to grow in pots and withstands the British seasons let me know.




Aubergine and Bean Stew

by ermgibson


Tonight we had this for supper, nom nom nom. We didn’t quite have the holiday figures one may want so we’re doing post holiday healthy eating. No special plan just healthy home cooking.

In here we have onion, garlic, fresh chilli, parsley and coriander, carrot, courgette, aubergine, red pepper, mushrooms, mixed beans and a dash of passata.

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